Our story

Delicious sweets

We all have childhood memories, small dishes, sweet cakes, prepared by our grandmothers. Unforgettable tastes and flavors that we enjoy to prepare again. We know how to find the perfect balanced taste between traditional authenticity and innovative will.

The story of Délicassie began in 2015, from a desire to share sweet recipes, sometimes traditional, and modernize it our own way, in order to make them well known and recognized as delicious delicacies.

The best ingredients

Located in Loray, a small village in Haut-Doubs, Délicassie is a human-sized structure, which allows us to be very flexible, and to respond quickly and efficiently to the requests of our customers.
Honey, flours, spices, the ingredients we use are selected with the utmost care. We manufacture in a traditional way, by respecting the traditional know-how and manners, inheritance of our terroir, and guarantors of the quality of our products.

For a tasty pleasure !

We concentrate know-how and creativity in our creations.
If we started by restoring the lost and traditional recipe of Vercel's Gingerbread, we are also able to invent completely innovative sweets.
By making gingerbread, cookies, and other regional products, we create recipes, and select unique ingredients to fully satisfy you and surprise your taste buds. Our creations are deliciously handmade, pure Made in Loray!

" During the production, we take the time to work by hand, with passion. We put our desire and our time at the service of taste "
Antoine B., CEO of Délicassie

Recevez nos meilleurs idées recettes et de délicieuses surprises...