The Languettes


No preservative, no colorant

Un biscuit fondant littéralement en bouche, nos Languettes Glacées sont une réelle explosion de saveurs.
Ingredients : Wheat flour (gluten), sugar, honey milk (lactoserum), eggs, baking powder, natural flavoring
Nutritional values for 100G: Energetic values: 1434 Kj, = 343 Kcal; Fibres: 1.46g; Fats: 0.67g saturated : 0.16g; Proteines: 5.78g; Glucides: 76.49g sugar : 42.12g; Sodium: 4.56g, = 1.82g salt.
Best before 9 months

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The iced languettes remain a surprising pleasure. Visually, we can observe an appealing fondant icing, which will actually give rigidity to the tongue. Indeed, we can not imagine how this tongue that seems hard, giving the impression that it will crumble, will literally melt in the mouth.

The adjustment of spices and ingredients will give a rare sensation where everything mixes, we do not know if the frosting is perfumed or just sweet, if the tongue is natural or full of flavor, long live the experience of a taste confusion overall. We decided to reinvent this gourmet gingerbread once too spicy and too heavy, to make it a delight in the mouth, surprising by its flavors and texture.

As far as manufacturing is concerned, kneaded dough is made of mainly local ingredients, without additives, improvers, dyes or preservatives, such as the flour that we will fetch at the mill, the honey, the flavors.

La pate est ensuite étalée, et découpée à l’emporte pièce à la main, puis disposées une à une sur les plaques de cuisson.

Les languettes finiront dans leur joli sachet transparent pour être conservées plusieurs mois avant dégustation.


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