Traditional Honey Bread from France

Handmade according to a traditional french recipe. Sweet and smooth, the Original is simply unique by its taste.

Recette équilibrée        Sans colorant
Sans conservateur       Fabriqué à la main

Les idées recettes autour  :

Ingredients :

Farine de blé (gluten), milk, sucre, miel, poudre à lever, épices. Peut contenir des traces d'oeuf et de fruits à coque.
Best before : 6 months
Valeurs nutritionnelles pour 100g: Valeur énergétique: 1141,24 Kj, soit 268.53 Kcal; Fibres: 1.45g; Matières grasses: 0.81g dont saturées: 0.37g; Protéines: 5.49g; Glucides: 58.64g dont sucres: 33.27g; Sodium: 54.69mg, soit 0.14g de sel - Prix au kilo: 22,66€

Une recette unique :

The Original Honey bread is made according to a derivative of the traditional Vercel Honey bread recipe. Vercel is a small village, located at the gates of Haut-Doubs, known for a famous honey bread. It varies from other Gingerbreads because of its taste. We decided to work on the proportions of sugar and spice to find a perfect balance.
En salé...
This balance will accommodate this gingerbread with sweet and salty, in all originality. At Christmas time, we do not forget the traditional Foie Gras Gingerbread, but it is well throughout the year that we can find it. You will have the leisure during the summer, to back it notes of Provence. Candied tomatoes, peppers, smoked ham, Brezi, sausage, goat cheese, cancoillotte, Roquefort, will do wonders for your sunny aperitifs.
Or sweet
For your desserts, you can season it with homemade jams. A gourmet chocolate will marry wonderfully. When it is the season, you can choose fruits to make pieces. Finally, the chef's recommendation is salted butter caramel, the possibilities for tasting are numerous, and are, like gingerbread, Original.

La fabrication :

The dough is made of selected ingredients, no additives, no improvers, no dyes or preservatives, such as the flour that we go to the mill, honey, and spices. After ripening, the gingerbread will be poured in a tray, or it will cook for a long time at a low temperature.
100% Natural
Nous lui laissons ensuite le temps de refroidir, avant de l’emballer dans un emballage barrière d’oxygène. Puis nous ajoutons un absorbeur d’oxygène, ce qui va permettre de conserver le produit 6 mois sans avoir à ajouter de conservateur.
Ce mode de conservation ne comporte aucun danger pour le consommateur.

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