Boite de 10 Languettes Glacées


Colorant-free - Preservative-free

The Languettes are small sugar-iced delights of Loray, which people love so much.

Ingredients :
Flour of wheat (gluten)), sugar, honey, Milk (lactose), egg, Baking powder, natural flavoring

Nutritional values for 100g:
Energetic values: 1434 Kj, = 343 Kcal; Fibers: 1.46g; Fats : 0.67g saturated : 0.16g; Proteines: 5.78g; Glucides: 76.49g sugars: 42.12g; Sodium: 4.56g, = 1.82g of salt.

Poids: 135 g
It would be better to be eaten before 9 months


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Natural Biscuit, preservative-free and colorant-free, gourmet languettes and their iced handmade topping will let you melt of pleasure.
With coffee, tea, or to take away everywhere, this sweet will delight your tastebuds. Languettes, invented by Délicassie, let you guess a dry biscuit which will immediately melt in your mouth.

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Glacées, Nature


  1. Corine Jeanpetit

    Un vrai régal!!! Quand je prends une boite de languettes glacées, si je mets le nez dedans, je n’en ressort pas tellement c’est bon!

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